5 Things to Know Before You Move to Oregon

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Out-of-state people say a lot of things about Oregon – mostly about Portland – so we’re here today to come correct on a few things.

Oregon =/= Portland

First off, there is more to the state than Portland. There is actually a lot more to the state than Portland. It is actually really easy to not be in Portland.

While Portland might be the general hub for Oregon life, you don’t have to travel far to see just how different the rest of Oregon is, and how much more excitement you can have. Just an hour east is Mt. Hood, home to all the best skiing in Oregon, about an hour and a half to the west is Oregon’s northern coast, where you can find some wicked surfing, and a little over an hour south takes you to Willamette Valley, Oregon’s beautiful wine country.

There’s a little of everything for everyone in Oregon, so you’re sure to find a home that’s right for you no matter where you’re coming from!

Take Your Vitamins

You’ve no doubt heard about Oregon’s rainy weather. You may have even heard about how Mother Nature ratchets that rain up to 11 during the winter. Here’s some helpful advice – take Vitamin D supplements, especially from November to February.

A study done by Oregon State University back in 2016 showed that even spending time outside in the rare sunny winter days will not give you necessary Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can be a real problem across Oregon, and it can cause weight gain, depression, and more.

So don’t be sad this winter. Take some extra Vitamin D.

No Sales Tax, But …

When Oregonians go abroad, they often brag about Oregon’s low-as-you-can-go 0% sales tax, much to the envy of anyone within earshot. What the traveling Oregonians never say is that the state makes up for having the lowest sales tax by having high income tax and property tax rates.

Don’t let this dissuade you from moving here! Just be aware of not overspending in your initial excitement over having no sales tax.

Relax At the Gas Station

Unless you come from the only other state in the USA where you can’t pump your own gas, you’ll be tempted to step out from your car and start doing just that. Fun tip – don’t. In Oregon, we have people who will do that for you. So kick back, relax, let the fellow in the high-vis vest pump your gas, and be on your merry way.

Just be mindful in the future of when you cross into any of the adjacent states, lest you sit there like a schmuck for five minutes wondering why no one is coming to pump your gas.

Local is Better

Oregon-based vendors provide some of the highest-quality goods around. From soaps to sauces, foods to fancy gifts – if it’s made in Oregon, it’s the best in Oregon.

That’s why Northwest Love In A Box delivers some of the finest Oregon-made goods in our boxes, so you can experience the greatest parts of our great state in a charming and affordable package. Order yours today!

Kimberly Henderson