Health, Community, and the Bees

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We at Northwest Love in a Box love our local honey, which is why we’ve included Wildflower Honey by Mickelberry Gardens in four of our Boxes. There are many benefits to partaking of the honey from here in Oregon, both for yourself and for society! Here are some of them:

Local Honey is Better for You

Studies abound praise locally sourced honey for a host of health benefits. Chief among these is that local honey combats local allergies. Local honey contains local from local bees, and provides natural allergy relief while boosting the immune system. Next, and especially nice to know in the spring months leading into summer, is that local honey helps kickstart weight loss, suppress appetite, and boost energy!

Local Honey is Better for the Economy

When you buy local, it keeps more of the money in your own community. According to a Chicago study cited by The Entrepreneur, over two-thirds of the money spent at local businesses stays within the community, compared with less than half of the money spent at large national retailers.

The added bonus of shopping local is that you have the opportunity to meet and know the people behind the product. Knowing the heart and effort that goes into the honey itself can make it taste that much better!

Local Honey is Better for the Bees

In one of the lesser-known but most important crises of our time, bees are dying out at unprecedented rates. Among the reasons for what is called hive collapse disorder is pesticides. Local, raw honey is free from pesticides and additives that are harmful to bees, and the standard of care for hives is much greater and more stringently followed by local beekeepers.


Supporting local beekeepers is just one of the many ways you can help with this crisis facing our nation’s bee population. For more information on what you can do and how you can help, visit

Kimberly Henderson