5 Herbal Teas to Help Students This School Year

NWLIAB Tea.jpg

August is drawing to a close and that means that school is starting for high school and college students all across the Pacific Northwest. Consequently, many among the aforementioned students will be experiencing stress levels they could previously never have fathomed! And some among that many will turn to … alternative ways to relieve stress.

But they don’t have to! There are many herbal teas which can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Below are some of our favorites.


If the words “Early Grey” mean anything to you, you already know about bergamot and its distinctive citrusy aroma it brings to a fresh cuppa. But you might not know about how it can help treat mild depression, including that caused by seasonal affective disorder – which can be a serious drag for students cooped up in dorms during the long, rainy, and dull Oregon and Washington months.


Colorfully known by a certain former student (moi) as “chameleon” tea, chamomile tea is particularly helpful around test-taking time for its anxiety-combating properties. In ye olde days of medicine, chamomile was prescribed to relieve fatigue. Fun fact – it was also a key ingredient in love potions, which could be equally helpful after test-taking time.


While it’s mostly known for helping with nausea, indigestion, and other abdominal problems, ginger also works wonders on stress and anxiety. It can even help to stimulate appetite, which especially stressed students who will need to eat even if they don’t feel up to it.


Students often have trouble sleeping, struggle with remembering crucial bits of data and information, and suffer from depression in one form or another. Sage can help relieve all of these!


Don’t worry, vervain is a recent discovery for us, as well. But, like sage, it can work miracles against student stress, insomnia, depression, and more. A warm cup half an hour before going to sleep will melt away stress and tension, allowing you a full night’s rest free from angst and worry.


It can always be hard to keep things together during school, regardless of how young or experienced (notice we’re not saying “old.” You’re welcome) you happen to be. But with any of the above herbal teas, it can be a bit easier. We hope you’ll find your new favorite from our list!

Kimberly Henderson