Self Care Box!


St.Fiacre’s Artisan Loose Leaf Tea
Mickleberry Gardens locally harvested honey
Z Candles Hand poured soy candle
Verbena Botanical Goats milk Soap
Sugar Suds vegan Bath Bomb
Whimsy Chocolates

Burlap Tote

Rose City Decal



Give the gift of peace. This box includes all the ingredients anyone needs to to have a nice time out!

First step is to steep a delicious cup of artisan tea from St. Fiaacre’s Farm in Lyons, Oregon. Sweetened with some locallly harvested honey from Mickleberry Gardens.
Next step is a luxurious bath with a vegan bath bomb from Sugar Suds. Nourish their skin with a hand made goats milk soap made by Verbena Botanicals.
Third step, light the fragrant soy candle by Z Candles and savor the famous Chocolate made with love from Whimsy Chocolates.

You have now successfully pampered that special someone in your life, well done👊🏼

As always, contact us to customize any of our boxes for your special person!


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